Koko Krystals

Koko Krystals


Find your Balance Koko Krystal air fresheners are scented in my signature blend - lavender patchouli stress relief and pink sugar.


These 12 oz. air fresheners last approximately 3 months and are a fabulous flameless scenting option - perfect for cars, small office, dorm or small bathroom.   Simply remove the protective seal and replace the vented lid.  Give it a shake every few days for a fresh burst of fragrance.  The beads will shrink over time, so you can add distilled water and they will expand in less than an hour.  Koko Krystals can be refreshed multiple times, so this product is worth its weight in gold!


Disclaimer:  Not edible, can be harmful if swallowed, please seek medical attention immediately.  Do not try to flush down any drain or flush down the toilet.  If this happens, pour table salt directly into drain and salt will unclog.  Do not place on unprotected surface.  Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

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